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Touring the Denver, Front Range and Western Model Railroad

Doug Tagsold
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Duration:   9  mins

To begin the tour, RG train number 147 heads north from Pueblo on the joint line to Denver. It arrived two hours ago from Kansas City and now has a fresh crew. The power of two GP 40-2’s and an SD 40-2 easily pulls the train through the warehouse district. The south end of Colorado Springs is home to an industrial area that’s busy enough for daily switching.

Train Number 147 rolls through the north end of Colorado Springs by the Public Utilities Power Plant. Palmer Lake was built as a source of water for steam engines. GP 40-2 Number 3097 leaves Palmer Lake for Larkspur. In the foreground is the Santa Fe track over State Route 18. This is the beginning of double tracked main. The three units rumble through Castle Rock on the northbound main.

Denver Union Station is the Colorado landmark. Eventually train 147 eases by the joint Burlington and Northern and Santa Fe engine terminal. Number 147 pulls to a stop in Denver Yard for a quick crew change. Leaving Denver Yard, this mixed freight drifts by Utah Junction where the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern connect to Cheyenne.

In back is the D&RGW engine facility. The Cargill grain elevators see a lot of traffic. At Rocky Flats just outside of Denver, the climb begins. Big Ten curve has an unusual sight, a string of old hoppers is weighted and bolted to the track. The hoppers act as a windbreak. Here train 147 crosses Highway 72 working upgrade.

At Plainview Tunnel Number 2 takes this general merchandise train into the helix. Pinecliffe is the exit from the helix at Tunnel Number 27. Then the track follows South Boulder Creek. East Portal is the highest point on the mainline and the entrance to the Maufit Tunnel. Learn more about this tunnel by watching the full video.

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  1. ecdowney

    Excellent all around. What is the sound system? Lots of engine rumble and wheel squeaks.

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