Don Cassler

Touring the M&K Division of the B&O

Don Cassler
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Duration:   5  mins

Check out the completed masterpiece of the M&K Division of the B&O in this video tour. This strikingly detailed model was created by Don Cassler and his club which consisted of fellow model railroaders, Bill Hanley and Mark Vinski. The club finally completed the immense project after 20 years in the basement of Don Cassler. You can follow the B&O CLass P-1d 4-6-2 around the layout from the Cheat River Valley, through tunnels and over bridges, to Altapass. The layout follows the same route as the real B&O and provides accurate descriptions of every stop. They explain how Bond West Virginia is the center for trade and social life in the valley and how HA junction is one of the busiest spots on the railroad. See everything this M&K Division of the B&O has to offer and the beautiful landscapes along the way.

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One Response to “Touring the M&K Division of the B&O”

  1. Bill Garry

    That is one beautiful layout. From the smooth-flowing track work, to the operating signal system, to the fantastic Appalachian scenery, this is the type of layout to which I aspire...only smaller due to space constraints. Well done!

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