Jim Providenza

Touring the Santa Cruz Northern

Jim Providenza
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Duration:   8  mins

The Santa Cruz Northern model railroad of Jim Providenza is a subsidiary of the Western Pacific Number 3007 here at San Jose. It’s come off the Western Pacific connection at Stockton.The US Cold Storage plant is at the right. The Western Pacific main also ties into the Santa Cruz Northern here in Western Pacific junction. On the point is a Jeep 35. The trailing unit is a Jeep 7. Because of its many years and receivership, the Santa Cruz Northern uses a lot of Western Pacific power. In the back of Mac Street is the business district of Mac Street Yard. The video shows a view of the industrial district from the cab. At the far end of San Jose, the westbound perishable passes Kaufman Contractors and Bekins Moving and Storage. The Club is a notorious spot and often padlocked by the police. Number 3007 and 703 have reached the outskirts of San Jose.

They pass the Analytical Engine Company, and the twin bridges over the creek. The Carbolic Smokeball Company marks the end of the yard. Next it is onto the Southern Pacific Crossing. At milepost 34.2 the Jeeps cross the Southern Pacific. Number 3007 rolls past the Sewall and Brown Company, an apricot processor. The bridge crosses Los Gatos Creek on the way to Helix. Watson Creek juts out from Helix on the east side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Doughertys features a sawmill and a lumber company. At the west end of Doughertys we encounter the sinks, a shaky spot of ground. The video shows a nice view from the caboose. Tunnel Number 3 might remind you of the scene at Mount Ashlyn. Then it is onto Sergeants and a pass through the cement plant.

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