John Gray

Touring the Union Pacific Cheyenne Division

John Gray
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Duration:   8  mins

We start the tour of John Gray’s Union Pacific Cheyenne Division model railroad as a Portland with four E Units pulls out of the Cheyenne Depot. The city scape fills the area behind the depot. In front is the lead to the massive diesel shop. The ice platform supplies the huge pacific fruit express reefer fleet. The gray building is the PFE ice house and way in the back is the diesel shop. At Diesel House Curve, the hillsides are covered with snow fences that protect the track from blowing and drifting snow. The steepest grade on the railroad is here on the approach to Harriman at the top of Sherman Hill. The triple track bridge handles a lot of traffic on the 3% rise. Company houses and the engine service facility anchor this isolated spot.

Continuing west of Sherman Hill, the Red Desert Coal Dock is on the lower line. The tunnel belongs to the Colorado and Southern branchline. Number 3535 is a Union Pacific on the CNC branchline with the coal drag. Coming out of Hermosa Tunnel, more snow fences help emphasize the big open vistas. The E-6A leads the way over the C&S branchline. At Ridge Top Curve, the mine is still in view with Harriamn at the distant right. The clear air here lets you see for miles. This coal mine is owned by the Union Pacific. Cramps Curve heading into Red Desert is the tightest spot on the railroad. Red Desert Coal facilities straddles the main line while a stock pin sits off to the left. The E units pass onto the S&C branchline where lots of open spaces can be seen from the cab of the E-6. Tower A guards the west end of Cheyenne Yard. To continue touring the Union Pacific in operation, watch the full video.

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