Allen McClelland

Touring the Virginian & Ohio

Allen McClelland
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Duration:   8  mins

This video begins Allen Keller’s tour of Allen McClelland’s Virginian and Ohio model railroad. First the C&O jeeps number 6172 and 6166 stop in Afton to add three cars for interchange at Jimtown. To pick up the cars at the west departure track, the train approaches the old round house. It is now a plastic manufacturer and is adjacent to the new engine facility. With the switching done, the C&O JP 9’s prepare to leave Afton and pass the Santel Safety Products Company and the Covermore Paint Company. After that, the trains travel past AJ Tower which is one of the last operating towers on the V&O.

Next they cross a creek on approach to Blackstone, an industrial suburb of Afton. The 6172 stays on the main and travels past the Gross Foundry on the way to Clintwood. Once in Clintwood they head into Twin Tunnel Number 1. From there a hidden track brings the trains around a peninsula and exits Twin Tunnel Number 2. the JP 9’s enter a tunnel bound for Dawson Spring. There the old passing siding stores the helpers for the battle up the 2 ½ percent incline grade to Sandy Summit. A hidden track helps the train gain grade as it heads up to Sandy Summit and passes through Sandy Ridge Tunnel.

The C&O units move through an inaccessible portion of the railroad to appear again at Elm Grove. The only industry in this location on the layout is the Harding wood chip loader. From there it is on to Fullerton with the longest passing track in the area. The main line of Fullerton moves towards Gage Pass. The trains pass through Pike Tunnel and arrive in Gage Pass, the highest point on the railroad. Then it is on to Jimtown which was once a major interchange point on the railroad. Currently, this 74 year old yard only classifies coal traffic. This ends the model portion of the V&O.

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