Gerry Leone

Using Fake Fur For Grass

Gerry Leone
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Duration:   3  mins

Gerry Leone is a member of the National Model Railroad Association, and is a Master Model Railroader. In this video, he will demonstrate the use of a unique but effective material he uses to make model grass. Using the right materials can make a great impact on how real a model’s scenery can appear. Fake fur is the material Leone uses for long grass on his models. It’s a man made material used to line the inside jackets. It comes in a variety of different colors and lengths and can be bought at most fabric stores. A green fur can be purchased to simulate tall grass or white fur can be colored using solvent based paints in a well-ventilated room. Different lengths and colors will give different effects to the scenery on the layout.

To create grass using the faux fur, Leone colors the underside of a styrofoam a brownish color, in case parts of the foam show underneath the grass. He then coats the styrofoam with carpenter’s paint so that the bond will not be water soluble. This is important when watered down white glue is used to add scenery. The water won’t loosen the fake fur from the surface of the foam. Next he applies the glue and presses the fur into it, fur side down. This should be allowed to dry and set overnight. A straight edge razor blade is used to cut the backing of fake fur. Trimming with scissors, or teasing with a brush may be required to ensure the grass is the same length and the proper texture. Hair Spraying the grass and sprinkling colored ground foam can give the appearance of blossoms on the grass.

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