Weathering Model Trains

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Duration:   6  mins

Weathering model trains gives the impression of a railroad that has been in commission for a long period of time. For Jim Hertzog, weathering the Reading was crucial for the full effect. In order to accurately replicate the Coal Region in the Reading layout, Jim had to portray the years of waste and mining activity. The original Reading transported large amounts of coal thus making the entire Coal Region polluted with dust. It was common for coal to be spilled over the sides of the hopper cars and additional wear and tear was apparent. When recreating the Reading, Jim attempted to produce the same look on the locomotives he purchased for his layout. Jim gained an abundance of experience and skills in weathering the Reading during the construction phase.

Weathering Model Trains

In the final segment of the Reading Railroad series, Jim demonstrates two different ways to achieve a heavily weathered look on hopper cars. The first method requires a decal setting solution and a pencil eraser. The second method requires sandpaper. Both methods are fairly simple to do, but Jim suggests not to rush through the weathering technique. Taking the process slow will create a more natural result.

Allen Keller and Jim wrap up the Reading Railroad series by discussing the future plans for the Pennsylvania Coal Region model layout. One of the questions Allen asks Jim is what he plans to do now that the layout is finished. Jim reveals that he still has a list of additions, enhancements and embellishments he wants to add to the layout. Jim will likely be occupied with fine tuning the Reading model railroad for a few more years.

Weathering model trains is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to enhance your layout. Watch as Jim shares his tips and tricks for creating heavily weathered hopper cars. MRA’s instructors provide even more tips for weathering your layouts if you are interested in weathering other scenic elements of your model railroad.

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