Weathering and Paint on Tuolumne Forks

Duration: 2:00

Tuolumne Forks is a O&3 freelanced narrow gauge logging and mining railroad. Bob Brown is the editor and publisher of the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette.This layout combines mining and logging with a tourist line. The operation follows the Lake Tahoe Railway and Navigation Company’s transport of tourists from Workshop to the Lake Tahoe Resort. The railroad is famous among narrow gauge enthusiasts like Bob Brown.

There are many weathering and paint techniques to help unify your entire layout. Bob Brown keeps his Tuolumne Forks Model looking clean and unified by frequently wiping, staining, spraying, and dusting all of his equipment and tracks. Brown also uses a lot of chalks, but he still believes that the wiping and staining is the most important thing to frequently do to your layout.

Bob Brown has exquisite paint on his Tuolumne Forks Model. Brown says that to paint a look that appears to be worn out, you just brush egg tempura onto a model and it looks like peeling paint. Brown notes that the more water you apply to the brush then the less paint sticks therefore creating a wonderful effect of peeling paint and this technique is so easy you cannot mess it up.

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