Dick Elwell

Weathering Techniques Used on the Hoosac Valley Railroad

Dick Elwell
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The Hoosac Valley Railroad was built in 1959 and is now several decades old, yet is still an advanced example of fine modeling. Although the main track line has stayed fairly consistent, Dick Elwell is constantly thinking of ways to update the layout. He continues to incorporate new technology and new techniques into Hoosac Valley to keep it relevant and up to date. Some sections on the layout have been redesigned and remodeled up to three times. As new scenery elements become available, Dick revisions and modifies his layout.

Structures and Weathering on the Hoosac Valley Railroad

In part seven of the 10-part Hoosac Valley series, Allen Keller and Dick Elwell sit down to discuss structures and various weathering techniques on the layout. Allen asks Dick a total of five questions to dig deeper into the techniques behind the Hoosac Valley model railroad.

First, Allen asks Dick what he likes most about the layout now that it’s older. Then, he questions Dick on how he weathers the layout. Dick gives several answers to this one. Next, Allen investigates whether Dick has any special techniques he uses for weathering locomotives, rolling stock, or structures. After questioning Dick about weathering techniques, Allen inquires about how the new weathering blends in with the older weathering. Finally, Allen asks a few questions about the structures on Dick’s layout regarding if they are scratch built or made from kits.

There are three more episodes of the Hoosac Valley series. Don’t miss out on any of the knowledge and advice from Allen and Dick. Keep watching for more detailing tips and a tutorial on how to scratch build utility poles for your own layout.

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