Ed Lorence

Wheel Painting on the Baltimore and Ohio L&S Division

Ed Lorence
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Duration:   3  mins

Ed Lorence demonstrates how he paints wheels on his locomotives for his Baltimore and Ohio L&S Division model railroad. He uses rust coloring and simply paints twice around the surface and the front sides. For the back of the wheels and the shaft, Ed again demonstrates his technique. Holding up a car, one can see how the wheels look after drying.

Ed goes on to discuss the joys of model railroading with Allen Keller. Through the hobby, he has been able to meet people from every walk of life. The people that he has met have been the best part of the hobby for Ed. He has met the most people at open houses. Unfortunately, he has found the number of open houses to be diminishing, even in Chicago which has been seen as a hotbed for the hobby. He has had people from 15 different states visit his layout over ten years who he has met through acquaintances in the hobby. He is thankful to have met great people and made great friends who have really helped him in life. To learn how to clean model train wheels, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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