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    Chuck Hitchcock’s layout of the Argentine Division of Santa Fe Railway will forever stand as one of the most inventive and innovative model railroads ever built. The techniques Chuck used in planning and bringing to life 1953 Kansas City have inspired generations of new modelers, and the hobby is forever thankful for his pioneering. Over… Read more »

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    One of our favorite parts of the model railroad community is getting to learn from each other, and especially the masters who have made this hobby their central passion for decades. We think it’s extremely important in bettering yourself in any hobby that you take notes from those who came before you and took steps… Read more »

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    When it comes to creating a model railroad, what you do on your layout after it’s complete is equally as important as before. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps ensure that your hard work in the design, planning and construction stages pay off, and that your operations continue to run smoothly. Model railroad maintenance requires more than… Read more »

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    Passenger train operation is a segment of model railroading that often goes underappreciated, but passenger model rail cars can be great for creating a realistic urban scene. Such is the case for Chuck Hitchcock’s HO scale model of the Argentine Division of Santa Fe Railway, which utilizes an operation of passenger model rail cars to… Read more »

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    For Chuck Hitchcock, passenger trains have been a lifelong fascination that stemmed from growing up in greater Kansas City, where passengers and industrial’s alike stormed past at intersections and town junctions. So in building his expert model railroad layout of the Argentine Division of Santa Fe Railway, Chuck knew all along he was going to… Read more »

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  • Operating a Model Train In Your Own Way

    How you operate your model train layout is entirely up to you. You research it, you design it, you build it, then you decide how it runs. There are, however, a number of different ways to run a model train layout, so it’s important to consider each method before you make a decision. Every method… Read more »

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  • Using Flat HO Scale Scenery to Your Advantage

    If you’ve ever visited Kansas, you know that the largely flat but sometimes hilly terrain of the state’s open country can seemingly roll on forever. For model railroaders, it can be difficult to accurately depict this region’s terrain with HO scale scenery while maintaining a viewer’s interest. For a good example of HO scale scenery… Read more »

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  • Chuck Hitchcock's Design and Inspiration for his HO Scale Layout

    Chuck Hitchcock’s passion for the Santa Fe Railway began when he was young, and endured over the years until he had the perfect basement setup to build his own HO scale layout of this historic railroad. Chuck’s freelanced Argentine Division of the Santa Fe stands to this day as one of the most innovative models… Read more »

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  • Exploring Operations on Chuck Hitchcock's Santa Fe Railway

    Chuck Hitchcock’s HO scale model of the Argentine Division of Santa Fe Railway was a truly innovative layout for its time. Chuck’s focus on the urban surroundings of industrial Kansas City in 1953 paved the way for future modelers to create similarly breathtaking cityscapes. In this segment, Allen Keller walks you through a typical run… Read more »

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