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    Introducing Bob Hayden’s C&DR Railway

    Travel the lumber-hauling tracks of Carrabasset and Dead River Railway as they existed in 1941 with Bob Hayden’s remarkably executed HO scale model. In this behind-the-scenes tour of Bob’s C&DR Railway, host Allen Keller shows you around the small towns and breathtaking landscapes that made up 20th-century Maine. You’ll enjoy a closeup look at some…

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  • Travelling Bob Hayden's Carrabasset & Dead River Railway

    Travelling Bob Hayden’s Carrabasset & Dead River Railway

    In this behind-the-scenes model railroad tour, Allen Keller takes you for a quick trip down the rails of Maine’s Carrabasset and Dead River Railway. You’ll get an upclose look at Bob Hayden’s spectacular handywork on his HO scale recreation of the C&DR, tailing Engine 35 in its travels from station in the small railway town…

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  • Exploring Operations on Bob Hayden's C&DR Railway

    Exploring Operations on Bob Hayden’s C&DR Railway

    Some models you just have to see to believe. Such is the case for Bob Hayden’s scale model of Carrabasset & Dead River Railway, the prototype of which was used mostly for hauling lumber and coal across Maine in the 1940s. Allen Keller gives you a brief behind-the-scenes tour of the operations that occur on…

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  • Design and Inspiration for Bob Hayden's C&DR Railway

    Design and Inspiration for Bob Hayden’s C&DR Railway

    Bob Hayden’s two-and-a-half-foot, narrow gauge model of Carrabasset & Dead River Railway is truly a sight to behold. His remarkably designed and executed layout of this lumber-hauling railroad is a testament to the importance of just building for fun. While Bob based this beautiful HO scale model on a prototype that operated in central Maine…

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  • Making Removeable Model Railroad Structures

    Making Removable Model Railroad Structures

    Cleaning and maintaining your model railroad layout can be a long and painstaking process, especially when it comes to those tight corners and smaller objects. Dust, dirt and grime build up over time, and if you want to keep your layout in tiptop shape without losing your patience, it’s important to find ways to ease…

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  • Discussing Operations on Bob Hayden's C&DR Railway

    Discussing Operations on Bob Hayden’s C&DR Railway

    Bob Hayden’s HO scale recreation of Carrabasset & Dead River Railway is a combination of many years’ model railroading experience and improvisation. Bob knew when he set out to build a model of central Maine’s C&DR that he wanted to complete the tracks and trucks in N scale, but he wanted the rest to be…

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  • 4:01

    Model Railroad Weathering Tips for Stock and Structures

    As Bob Hayden puts it, you can spend as much time and energy as you want trying to wear down and finetune the components on your model railroad, but more often than not, it’s paint that’s going to give you that aged and worn out appearance you’re after. Experienced modelers like to utilize different kinds…

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  • Tips for Touching Up Model Railroad Scenery Water

    Tips for Touching Up Model Railroad Scenery Water

    Experienced modelers use a number of different techniques to create model railroad scenery water for their layouts. Depending on the body of water you’re creating, whether it’s a calm lake or fast-moving river, you could have a few options from which to choose. And those options might vary scene by scene, so it’s important to…

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  • 3:32

    Adding Texture to Old Model Railroad Scenery Ground Cover

    Over time a model railroad begins to lose luster and show signs of wear, be it from artificial light damage, oils from our hands or plain old gravity. To counteract this effect, it’s important to regularly add texture and color to your layout. And it’s especially important for model railroad scenery ground cover, which is…

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