• 2:36

    Overview of the Coal Belt Railroad

    In this video, Allen Keller gives a brief overview of Bill Henderson’s Coal Belt model railroad. The railroad is a freelance version of several eastern railroads including the Redding and Delaware and Hudson. There are many camelback locomotives on the railroad. Camelback trains have the cab over the boiler so a larger firebox can be…

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  • 5:45

    Touring the Coal Belt Railroad

    It is early morning in Pennsylvania as a locomotive on Bill Henderson’s Coal Belt model railroad leaves town. The 28-O camelback locomotive was built in 1905. The helper train number 341 was built in 1899. The rear train on the layout is a local passenger number 6. Number 168 moves past the engine house at…

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  • 6:20

    Operations on Bill Henderson’s Coal Belt Railroad

    Operations on Bill Henderson’s Coal Belt model railroad start with a storm. Camelback locomotive number 3 pulls out of Tresckova with a daily local. The crew rides on the engine as most locals on the coal belt don’t use cabooses. A huge coal breaker structure separates coal and slate near the track. Ducking under the…

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  • 6:34

    Bill Henderson’s Owner Inspiration & Techniques

    Bill Henderson’s Coal Belt model railroad is a freelance based on Eastern Pennsylvania. It is a small helper district between two towns on a larger railroad. Bill chose to model this area because he worked there for a time and was fond of its appearance. He enjoyed the 80 year old equipment they used and…

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  • 7:55

    Cleaning Gears with Bill Henderson

    Bill Henderson keeps his layout running so well by making sure all his gears are clean. It is important to remove any old dirty grease off of gears and replace them with new oil. Bill uses a pipe cleaner with some alcohol to remove old grease from his gears. New grease is applied with his…

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  • 6:32

    Painting Clouds with Bill Henderson

    Bill Henderson begins creating the backdrop for his layouts by painting the sky blue. Cumulus clouds are made with white spray paint. For thicker clouds he sprays up close, for thinner clouds he sprays farther away. He adds shadow underneath to give them depth with a gray spray paint. For the landscape, he uses collected…

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  • 20:09

    Creating Natural Scenery with Bill Henderson

    Bill Henderson is able to achieve beautiful and detailed model scenery with mostly natural materials. He uses various grasses and twigs from his own backyard and woods including hagberry tree twigs. He uses these specifically for making trees. Bill starts by gluing smaller grass pieces for finer branches onto the hagberry twigs with slow-drying contact…

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  • 4:03

    Weathering a Boxcar with Bill Henderson

    In this video, modeler and owner of the Coal Belt model railroad Bill Henderson demonstrates weathering a boxcar. To start, a car should be painted with purposeful streaks to give the appearance of bleached boards. After being painted, coal dust can be added to the car. For weathering a boxcar, Henderson uses a black powder…

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