• 1:47

    Introducing Tony Koester’s AM Railroad

    Come along as we climb the high mountain rails of West Virginia to explore Tony Koester’s one-of-a-kind model of Allegheny Midland Railroad. Discover the breathtaking landscapes and perfectly recreated mining communities that have made Tony’s extension of Nickel Plate Road one of the most admired model railroads in the country. In this series, Tony explains…

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  • Travelling Tony Koester's Allegheny Midland Railroad

    Travelling Tony Koester’s Allegheny Midland Railroad

    In this behind-the-scenes tour, model railroading host Allen Keller takes you for a journey along the rails of Allegheny Midland Railroad. You’ll get an exclusive look at Tony Koester’s masterful handywork on this HO scale model of the AM, tailing the lead locomotive in its travels through the Allegheny Mountains from staging area in the…

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  • Exploring Operations on Tony Koester's AM Railroad

    Exploring Operations on Tony Koester’s AM Railroad

    Tony Koester’s HO scale model of West Virginia’s Allegheny Midland Railroad has long stood as one of the most impressive designs in the world of model railroading. His pioneering of the proto-freelancing style used on the mountains and industrial towns found throughout the AM became an inspiration for modelers everywhere, and Tony’s layout is a…

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  • Discussing Model Train Layout Design on Tony's AM Railroad

    Discussing Model Train Layout Design on Tony’s AM Railroad

    Tony Koester’s HO scale model of Allegheny Midland Railroad still stands to this day as one of the most ambitious model railroad layouts the world has ever seen. This proto-freelanced extension of the Nickel Plate Road took more than two decades to complete and features remarkable feats of model engineering. From its scratch-built structures and…

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  • 2:17

    Tips for Modifying Model Railroad Scenery Kits

    In modern day model railroading, the best layouts tend to be the ones that are proto-freelanced, or those based on a prototype but largely improvised according to a vision the builder has in their mind for how they’d like the layout to turn out. Freelancing a layout means putting your own spin on the scenery,…

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  • Planning a Model Railroad Layout with Tony Koester

    Planning a Model Railroad Layout with Tony Koester

    The best model railroad layouts are the ones that have been thought about critically, considered deeply and vetted for historical accuracy and sensibility. That’s according to Tony Koester, one of the hobby’s greatest pioneers, who has long pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on a model railroad layout. Whether through the design of his own…

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  • Making Model Train Scenery Trees

    Making Model Train Scenery Trees

    When it comes to making scenery for your model railroad layout, sometimes the simplest techniques are the most effective. Especially for forested areas, you can fill a ton of space on your layout without much effort by creating basic model railroad scenery trees that are inexpensive and look highly realistic. On Tony Koester’s HO model…

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  • Talking Custom Model Railroads with Tony Koester

    Talking Custom Model Railroads with Tony Koester

    There are many different ways to build custom model railroads; every modeler has their preferences and things they avoid. When it comes to creating a layout from the ground up, each component of the scenery, trackage and wiring is your choice and dictates the final result. You have a lot of options when planning your…

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  • Building Model Railroad Tunnels

    Building Model Railroad Tunnels

    There are certain elements and structures on a model railroad that can be more daunting to create than others. You know, the features on the layout that make you groan and say, “I guess today’s the day I do that part.” Model railroad tunnels are one example of a feature that most modelers will save…

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