• 17:50

    Exploring Bill and Wayne Reid’s Cumberland Valley System

    With the Cumberland Valley System, brothers Bill and Wayne Reid announced their arrival on the scene as two of the best model railroaders in the business. Their N scale CVS is home to some of the most beautiful scale scenery and intricate track systems, which traverses four neighboring states and is comprised of five different…

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  • 10:21

    Planning and Inspiration for the Cumberland Valley System

    Most model railroad layouts are a product of much trial and error and evolution throughout both the design and building stages. So much research is required to build a historically accurate railroad that is also a pleasure to view and operate, it can be difficult to figure everything out before you begin the construction. Such…

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  • 3:31

    Laying Down Your Model Railroad Track

    Laying down track is an essential component of creating your model railroad scenery. It’s also fun when you can get creative and add as much or as little detail as you want! In this video, Allen demonstrates how to quickly and easily lay down track without using any spikes or nails. First things first, you…

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  • Setting Up an Operating System

    Setting Up Your Model Railroad Operating System

    Although setting up the operating system can be a frustrating task for some modelers, it is a very important part of the hobby! In this segment, you will learn about the different components of the operating system and how they work together. You’ll discover how to use car cards and waybills which are an important…

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  • 5:23

    Building a Detection System

    Detection systems are an important part of building a model railroad because they determine whether or not a section of the line is occupied or not. In this segment, Allen Keller sits down with Soo Line signal maintainer, Bill Pistello to discuss the process of building a detection system as well their passion for model…

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  • Casting Rock Structures

    Casting Rock Structures

    Adding rock structures to your layout is a great way to have fun with the scenery while also adding some great detail. What’s the best part about creating these structures? There’s no science to it! In this segment, you will learn how to create realistic looking rock structures by using just a few simple supplies.…

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  • 10:02

    Kitbashing a Building

    Kitbashing a building can add unique details to your layout while saving you lots of time! In this video, Allen Keller will discuss what’s involved in kitbashing a structure, and how kitbashing can be helpful. You’ll discover how you can make the buildings unique by combining different parts of the kit to create new structures…

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