• 1:59

    Overview of the Piermont Division of the Western Maryland

    This is Howard Zane’s HO scale model railroad layout, a masterpiece that features the 1955 Western Maryland railroad. His Piermont Division is considered a great artistic achievement in the modeling community. The colors, textures, scenery, and structures were all artfully and methodically placed and with incredible detail. Zane has a background in sculpting, designing and…

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  • 11:36

    Touring the Piermont Division of the Western Maryland

    In this video, Allen Keller narrates the movement of trains across Howard Zane’s Piermont Division of the Western Maryland Railroad. The tour begins near Lost Mine, the main coal producer on the railroad with miner homes living near their work. The Daily Train Eastbound Number 4 handles the black diamonds and interchanges at Piermont for…

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  • 8:09

    Operations on the Piermont Division of the Western Maryland Railway

    Allen Keller’s description of operations on Howard Zane’s Western Maryland Piermont Division begins in Hanover. This is an area on the layout that sees a lot of switching activity. Here, a Western Maryland 28-O 772 meets with an eastbound mix train. A Pittsburgh and Lake Erie gondola hooks up with Norfolk and Western hoppers and…

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  • 3:56

    Owner Inspiration and Techniques on the Piermont Division

    Howard Zane spent a lot of time in New Hampshire as a child, and used to live at the base of Mount Piermont. This is the inspiration for the name of the Piermont Division of his Western Maryland model railroad. Most of the names found on the railroad are named after fond locations in Zane’s…

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  • 6:51

    Making Styrene Look Like Wood

    Howard Zane has developed a way to make wood siding for his structures that is quick and easy. His method takes a fifth of the time compared to working with real wood. Clapboard styrene comes in thin sheets with subtle paneling that already resembles wood siding. It is incredibly easy to cut by making just…

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  • 5:30

    Spline Roadbed Construction

    Howard Zane, modeler of the Piermont Division of the Western Maryland model railroad, has always used spline for his roadbeds. It offers ease and simple construction. A layout his size would have required 20-25 sheets of plywood at $400-$500. Using spline, his whole layout was finished with three 1x8x12 spline boards at around $8.50/piece. To…

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  • 6:24

    Scenery Techniques with Howard Zane

    In this video, modeler Howard Zane demonstrates some of his scenery techniques. He starts by demonstrating how he creates a grass section of his diorama, coating the base with a mixture of white Elmer’s glue, 10% water, and eight drops of detergent to make the mix thinner. He then sprinkles the surface with various colors…

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  • 11:31

    Locomotive Maintenance Techniques

    Before modeler Howard Zane was an industrial designer, he spent 18 years flying airplanes. Prior to takeoff, he would always check the engine to make sure it was safe and that all the rods were in place. Zane takes a similar approach to running his Piermont Division of the Western Maryland. Before doing a run…

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  • 4:14

    Layout Details on the Piermont Division

    Howard Zane has been able to achieve incredible detail on his Piermont Division of the Western Maryland Railway. The secret, according to Zane, is observing life in reality before trying to capture it. Modeled after the mid-1950s, the streets are weathered and peppered with sewer grates and old cinders. People mill about and have a…

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