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    Introduction to the Soo Line: Model Railroad Lighting Techniques

    Allen Keller has videotaped literally hundreds of layouts over the last three decades with all kinds of model railroad lighting techniques, but never before has he ever been able to shoot one in natural sunlight just like the prototypes! Join him as he visits Ray and Renee Grosser’s “Nostalgia Trip” HO layout that recreates the…

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  • rural model train scenery

    The Soo Line: Great Examples of Rural Model Train Scenery

    In the second part of his series on Ray and Renee Grosser’s freelanced HO layout representing the Soo Line in central Minnesota, Allen Keller, as part of his Great Model Railroads series, takes us for a birds-eye view of the sectional layout. Since the Soo Line (aka the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Sainte Marie…

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  • railway operations

    Soo Line Operations: Traversing the Minnesota Plains

    Having the ability to videotape the Grosser’s sectional Soo Line layout in bright sunlight adds a sense of realism which artificial light just can’t match. In this episode, Allen’s camera follows railway operations on a typical day’s trick; compare this to what other’s do in operations. In the early morning sunlight, headed up by a…

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  • model train shows

    Portability, Inspiration & Design of the Soo Line

    A layout as large as 34′ x 18′ that is portable enough to display at model train shows is fairly unique in model railroading, so Allen asked the Grossers from what did they draw their inspiration for the portability and design of their massive Soo Line pike? They visited the Midwest Valley Modelers Club in…

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  • making model railroad buildings

    Creative Ideas for Making Model Railroad Buildings

    One of the most immediate reactions visitors have to the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Sainte Marie railroad in HO Scale created by Ray and Renee Grosser is how realistic the scenery looks, especially enhanced by the structures. Learn the secrets to making model railway buildings look more life-like from Renee, whose first effort was…

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  • model railroad trees

    The Soo Line – Making Model Railroad Trees & Realistic Scenery

    As we’ve seen in an earlier clip, the scenery on Ray and Renee Grosser’s large Soo Line layout features very lifelike scenery, and one of the most notable aspects are the model railroad trees which number in the hundreds. Each has been handcrafted by Renee, and she shares her secrets to making convincing deciduous trees…

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  • model train show

    Setting Up at a Model Train Show: The Soo Line

    Building a massive HO layout like Ray and Renee Grosser’s Soo Line that is designed solely for display at a model train show calls for a lot of creative planning before the first tie is laid. Watch as the couple describes how it put as much planning into designing a layout that could be easily…

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  • model train decoder

    Techniques for Installing a Model Train Decoder

    For those modelers who are intimidated by the thought of installing a model train decoder, watch as Ray Grosser takes you step by step through the process with an HO steam locomotive. He begins by separating the superstructure (boiler, etc.) from the frame, including the wires where they’re connected to the motor. He gently unsolders…

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  • working on a model railroad

    The Soo Line – Working on a Model Railroad Together

    In this final episode, Ray and Renee Grosser speak with Allen Keller about what they enjoy most about working on a model railroad, sharing their Soo Line layout with others at train shows? Ray professes he gets the most fun out of collaborating with his wife on structures and scenery. He also gets a lot…

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