• 2:10

    Overview of Ken McCorry’s Conrail Railroad

    In this video, Allen Keller covers an overview of Ken McCorry’s massive Conrail railroad layout. It’s reported to be the largest home layout in the world. This was not the original aim for Ken, he just wanted to build a railroad to recreate his favorite part of Pennsylvania in the early 1980’s. The Conrail railroad…

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  • 15:50

    Touring Ken McCorry’s Conrail

    The Allen Keller tour of the massive HO scale Conrail railroad of Ken McCorry begins in the first town that the line reaches – Pennsylvania. This is train UBL-300, headed for New York. The train runs through a large unfinished area before arriving at Montgomery. Here the lead SD-35 encounters its first crossing of the…

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  • 10:30

    Operations on Ken McCorry’s Conrail

    The Allen Keller narration of operation on the Conrail railroad of Ken McCorry begins with an SD-40 Number 6061 coming out with a load of gas pipes, moving over Lime Lake Run, and then around Hinsdale Curve. At Hinsdale, the SD rolls under State Route 129 before heading into Olean and then over Oswayo Creek.…

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  • 13:07

    Ken McCorry’s Owner Inspiration and Techniques

    Many people are impressed by Ken McCorry’s Conrail railroad because of its size. However, sustaining such a massive size was not his original objective. When he first decided to build a building for his layout, he had to deal with the foundation and some water problems from a barn that was there originally. The footprint…

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  • 5:31

    Plaster Gauze Scenery Construction with Ken McCorry

    Building scenery on a three thousand square foot layout can be an intimidating task for Ken McCorry. It can also take a lot of time. Luckily, he has found some shortcuts to speed up the process to get a lot more done in a short period of time. Ken uses Woodland Scenics plaster gauze and…

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  • 2:44

    Computerized Signals on the Conrail Railroad

    Ken McCorry of the Conrail railroad came into Paul Maynard’s hobby shop one day and asked for a signaling system. Knowing that Paul Ziembicki was building an N scale layout and had a great signaling system, he had the idea to get them together. Ken’s layout is now fully functionally signaled using the TDP product.…

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  • 1:53

    Plywood Framing with Ken McCorry

    One of the many questions Ken McCorry gets about plywood benchwork on his Conrail railroad is how he maintains the strength in the four-foot cantilevers he has on the second deck. He uses three-quarter plywood, cut three inches wide out of four-by-eight-foot sheets, four-foot on each leg. An eighteen-inch radius curve is used for more…

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  • 7:14

    Making Gator Foam Buildings with Ken McCorry

    Ken McCorry uses gator foam for structures on his Conrail railroad. He uses gator foam in three sixteenths of an inch thick sheets available at framer shops where pictures are framed. There are two layers of craft paper on either side with a high density foam in the center, similar to foam board, but gator…

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