• 12:39

    Touring the Greeley Freight Station Museum Part 2

    In part one of the tour of the Greeley Freight Station Museum, the Rio Grande zephyr reached the summit of Quartz Mountain. Now it’s ready to head downgrade on the other half of the railroad. Gerhart Mountain Snowshed keeps the track clear, which is important as this area is subject to very heavy snowfall. Here…

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  • 13:28

    Operations on the Greeley Freight Station Museum Part 2

    The second part of operations on the Greeley Freight Station Museum begins with regional freight powered by four F units, heading out over the slew. The lead unit is Great Northern number 270-A that will head through Deep Creek and over Deep Creek Bridge 12 and 11. At the west side of Lakeview there are…

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  • 8:33

    David Trussell’s Inspiration & Techniques

    The Oregon, California, & Eastern line runs east from Klamath Falls to Lakeview, Oregon. Allen Keller asks designer David Trussell to give him a brief history of the line. Around the turn of the century, Strayhorn, a speculator, decided to build the OC&E in the hopes that it would become such a pain in the…

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  • 4:40

    Creating a Model Forest Fire

    David Trussell, designer of the Greeley Freight Station Museum believes it’s very important to have exciting visual elements when running something for the public. One example of this is the forest fire scene, which is extremely popular because the public gets a chance to initiate it by pushing the button. This feature is something that…

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  • 6:32

    Building Fir Trees on the Greeley Freight Station Museum

    David Trussell knew they needed to plant many museum quality trees. To do so, they developed their own techniques that fit what the museum required. David has discovered a great way of mass producing trees that he will demonstrate in this video. With wooden dowels, he first shapes them on a sander to a point.…

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  • 11:34

    Moving Trucks on the Greeley Freight Station Museum

    Rick Ingles is a volunteer of the Greeley Freight Station Museum and he will discuss the moving Faller car trucks they use on the railroad. They start with an original unmodified truck made in Germany. While they are well made and run well, they change them out to an American version, converting the European vehicles…

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