• 12:32

    Locomotive Decoder Installation

    Once a DCC is installed on a layout, decoders have to be installed in the locomotives. In this video, modeler and DCC expert Steve Barkley demonstrates decoder installation. The easiest way to have a decoder equipped on a locomotive is to buy one. The locomotive Barkley shows has one already installed and is ready to…

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  • 6:21

    How To Make A Tree Holding Tool

    National Model Railroad Association’s Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone talks tree planting techniques in this video. Trees on model railroad layouts often are mounted on a slope of a hillside. If foam insulation or a hard shell topping is used as a base, it is difficult to keep the trees vertical as the glue is…

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  • 10:01

    Ensuring Reliable Track Work and Preventing Derailments

    Douglas Hodgdon from Model Railroad Academy and Track Talk Live is alongside Michael Swiridow, the curator of the Pine County History Museum Model Railroad Club in this video to talk reliable track work and preventing derailments. When Hodgdon lays track, he uses ribbon rail track gauges. The track gauges are laid across rail joints to…

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  • 3:01

    Paint Mixers

    In this video, Master Modeler Gerry Leone demonstrates the use of a paint mixer. Contrary to popular belief, modeling experts like Gerry say that shaking a jar of paint is not the best way to disperse the pigment. This method of mixing disperses the pigments unevenly and gets paint on the lid of the jar…

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  • 6:54

    How to Clean Model Railroad Track: Cleaning Tips and Techniques

    Douglas Hodgdon of Model Railroad Academy and Track Talk Live and Michael Swiridow the Curator of Pine County History Museum Model Railroad Club discuss how to clean model railroad track in this video. First Hodgdon shows the different track cleaners that are available. He first demonstrates with a Bright Boy. This is an abrasive block…

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  • 9:23

    Creating a Realistic Forest Scene

    In this video, learn how to create a realistic model forest scene. Modeler Lou Sassi has concocted a mixture he refers to as ground goop to create realistic ground on his models. The mixtures includes the materials celluclay, vermiculite, flat interior latex paint, white glue, and liquid lysol to prevent molding. Sassi suggests applying the…

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  • 4:38

    Getting Started in DCC – Choosing a DCC System

    As Steve Barkley states in this video, getting started with Digital Command Control does not have to be complicated or expensive. There are many DCC systems that are available in the market, and they can be as low as a hundred, to a couple hundred dollars. Barkley shows and details the subtle differences in a…

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