• MRA 014033f_U0860U_c Introduction to the Kanawha & Western Allegheny FREE

    Master modeler C.J. Riley invites you to explore his Kanawha & Western Allegheny home layout. You’ll get an inside look at the model railroad with the help of Allen Keller. This is the introduction to a series consisting of nine segments dedicated to the Kanawha & Western Allegheny railroad. Along with a behind-the-scenes tour of… Read more »

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  • MRA 014039f_U0866U_c Finishing Models PREMIUM

    Every seasoned modeler begins to accumulate various weathering techniques over time. Each modeler has different tips and tricks to offer. With numerous techniques and products available to weather buildings and trains, its just a matter of discovering what ones work best for you. Finishing Models C.J. Riley explored many weathering techniques while building the Kanawha… Read more »

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  • 010374f_u0017u_c

    If you’re thinking about a good material to form the background to your layout, consider using masonite as a model railroad backdrop. Masonite is one of the most inexpensive and curvable materials to use, and Master Model Railroader, Gerry Leone, share some tips as to how he has mounted ⅛” masonite for model railroad backdrops…. Read more »

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  • mra-011232f_u0673u_c

    If you’re looking for one single, easily added detail that can take your layout to the next level of realism – think signage! In the next in his video series on the Conrail New Jersey, Model Railroad Academy’s Allen Keller finds out from builder, Matt Snell, how easy it is to make model railway signs…. Read more »

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  • 011096f_U0539u_c-Introduction to the Utah Colorado Western Layout

    Building a layout with convincing model railroad scenery is the goal of most hobbyists, but few have succeeded in creating one in such a spectacular way as Lee Nicholas. His Utah Colorado Western HO Scale layout is the subject of this month’s Allen Keller series on great model railroads and it promises to be enlightening,… Read more »

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  • rural model train scenery

    In Part 2 of his series on Ray and Renee Grosser’s freelanced HO layout representing the Soo Line in central Minnesota, Allen Keller, as part of his Great Model Railroads series, takes us for an birds-eye view of the sectional layout. Since the Soo Line (aka the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Sainte Marie Rwy)… Read more »

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  • model railroad trees

    As we’ve seen in an earlier clip, the scenery on Ray and Renee Grosser’s large Soo Line layout features very lifelike scenery, and one of the most notable aspects are the model railroad trees which number in the hundreds. Each has been handcrafted by Renee, and she shares her secrets to making convincing deciduous trees… Read more »

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