• 11:29

    Luke Lemmens – Track Car Cam Montage Part 2

    Let’s complete our journey on Luke Lemmens’s HO-scale Soo Line 2nd Subdivision circa 1979, passing through towns and countryside of central Wisconsin. Luke has spent over two decades creating this spectacular layout. If you haven’t already, watch part 1 of this track car cam montage.

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  • 6:06

    Tour Chooch Rivard’s Model Railroad Layout

    In this Model Railroad Academy video, take a tour through Chooch Rivard’s model railroad layout as it runs through an operating session. Shot from the perspective of the conductor, this tour provides a great inside view of the layout. Chooch’s model railroad layout features flat land, green scenery, blue skies, utility poles and much more.…

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  • 11:38

    Take a Tour of Bill Brigg’s Layout

    Bill Brigg’s Musselshell and Yogo Peak railroad layout is a stunning example of what can be done with unique backgrounds and scenery. Jump on the Musselshell and Yogo Peak model train and take a tour of this fantastic layout. As the train moves through its circuit, watch as the backdrop changes from sunsets, to rain…

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  • B&M New Hamshire Division and Layout Tour: The Towns of Wells and North Gorham

    B&M New Hampshire Division and Layout Tour: The Towns of Wells and North Gorham

    In this video we tour the towns of Wells and North Gorham on the Boston and Maine New Hampshire Division and Layout. On the other side of the backdrop is Wells. This is where the main line cuts between the mill buildings of the White Mountain Paper Company. The prime feature of Wells is the…

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  • 8:14

    Touring the Virginian & Ohio

    This video begins Allen Keller’s tour of Allen McClelland’s Virginian and Ohio model railroad. First the C&O jeeps number 6172 and 6166 stop in Afton to add three cars for interchange at Jimtown. To pick up the cars at the west departure track, the train approaches the old round house. It is now a plastic…

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  • 9:42

    Operations on the Virginian and Ohio

    In this video, Allen McClelland found a film of the Virginian and Ohio in operation in 1975. It was shot for the Association of American Railroads but the footage was never used. The film gives insight into the crew’s July 1975 railfanning expedition. Allen Keller had the film colorized using paint schemes of the era…

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  • 1:41

    Introduction to the Utah Midland Railway

    The Utah Midland Railway is not your average model railroad. For instance, this layout lacks lush scenes of foliage, or any sign of vegetation for that matter. This railway is surrounded by dusty sandstone cliffs and dry mountains. At first glance, this layout almost appears to be a ghost town, with only a few signs…

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  • 6:29

    Touring the Utah Midland Railway

    The Utah Midland is a twenty mile shortline that hauls coal from the mines in Spring Canyon. The HO scale occupies 13 by 30 feet of Al Lindop’s basement. The extraordinary three times around dogbone track allows for an excessive amount of track in a dense area. The track plan is unbelievable, and Al continues…

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  • 13:53

    Operations on the Utah Midland Railway

    Al Lindop took an interesting approach to modeling the Utah Midland Railway. Instead of carefully planning out the scenery and operations, he simply jumped in and began modeling what interested him. The mountain scenery and the western roads fascinated Al. Not too many people choose to model areas such as Utah, but Al executed the…

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