• 9:42

    Operations on the Virginian and Ohio

    In this video, Allen McClelland found a film of the Virginian and Ohio in operation in 1975. It was shot for the Association of American Railroads but the footage was never used. The film gives insight into the crew’s July 1975 railfanning expedition. Allen Keller had the film colorized using paint schemes of the era…

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  • 3:52

    Wiring Your Layout for Digital Command Control

    There are plenty of resources available if you are new to the world of digital railway operation. Digital command control systems require wiring your layout and there is plenty to consider before jumping in. To gain a better understanding, you can reach out to the model railroad community, browse user groups online, or read literature…

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  • 2:57

    Moving a Layout

    In part eight of the 9-part Kanawha & Western Allegheny series, Allen Keller questions C.J. Riley about the moving process of his layout. C.J. had the Kanawha & Western Allegheny in the basement of another house before moving homes. He was able to salvage some sections and transfer them to the new location. Moving a…

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