Check out the recap of our monthly Track Talk Live with model railroad experts and long-time train enthusiasts Steve Doyle and Doug Hodgdon. Steve and Doug answer your model railroad questions live on the air in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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33 Responses to “TRACK TALK LIVE: April 2017”

  1. Anthony Mcmillan

    Doug you made a comment to send my e maill. Then you would send your car card system for opperating a HO train layout. I would also be interested on your switching layout, as shown on the live podcast tonite. Thanks Anthony, Iowa City. I am modeling Iowa Interstate Railroad from Ohama to Davenport. With my main Yard in Iowa City.

  2. Bill

    i just recently got back into model railroading and purchased 2 Bacnmann n scale DC train sets and have been learning that DCC is the best way to go in todays set ups my question is if I switch do I have to change track as well as engines

  3. Wayne

    Good morning Steve and Doug! Just catching up on your video from yesterday! If you are in the Twin Cities, I'd love to visit your club. If you can reply in this blog, that would be great! Thanks for all you do for model railroading!

  4. henry kozora4

    4x8 layout

  5. Another Poster

    Is there any chance that one of the model railroad companies will put out a HO scale Steeplecab, aka steeple cab, locomotive? It's one of the few significant engines that have not been offered for sale. Usually some cottage industry will sell an exterior shape and say purchase someone's else's locomotive and change shells. Considering the unique shape of the steelecab and it's small size, I am sure it would be a popular item if it were available, and it should not cost much to manufacture. Thank you very much.

  6. Dave

    I joined in December for a one time special price. I thought this got me access to all the videos, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Am I right?

  7. Peter

    I model in S and O scale and the most frustrating thing is the fact that you cannot use DCC on these scales and you're left with MTH's DCS and Lionel's Legacy system. Is there any way to digitally command both of these brands with one system?

  8. Ron

    What's an easy way to connect track feeders to bus wire around the railroad? The typical approach is to use a terminal strip or to strip a small portion of the insulation from the bus wire and solder the feeder to the bare wire but this can be a real challenge. Do you have any experience with the clamp on bus connectors? I've seen several types including some called suitcase connectors.

  9. Ron

    How do you determine the appropriate DCC variables so different locos aren't pulling moving at different speeds in the consist? Do you use a scale radar gun? I found a Hot Wheels toy radar gun that many work well but just wondering what you use.

  10. Jeff

    I have an old Halmark brass engine (steam) that needs some restoration. Any suggestions who to contact? The