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Visiting Washington Union Station

Here is the iconic Union Station in Washington, DC. Our private car arrived here from Chicago during the great Pandemic. And during normal times the station is overflowing with people coming and going, but during the virus many stores and restaurants in the station itself are closed. Also, by the time we arrived Amtrak had reduced its work force by 20%. Long distance trains had been reduced to only 3 days a week, instead of daily.

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New Orleans & The Union Passenger Terminal

The New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal was opened in 1954 and now serves Amtrak, Greyhound buses and the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (the famous New Orleans streetcar system). The station was built behind the former Union Station on Loyola Avenue. At one time 44 passenger trains served the station daily. Today only 3 passenger trains make calls at the station.

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Riding a Private Railcar

What is it like to ride a private railroad car for ten days? While this experience may not be for everyone, those of us with a devotion to trains can find this a wonderful vacation. Expect first class service on a private car even though Amtrak is trying to reduce the movement of private cars. There are about 100 private cars in the country but not all are available to charter. So how do you find a suitable car?

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