Track Talk Live: August 2016

August’s Track Talk Live with MRA’s Allen Keller, Doug “Clickety” Hodgdon and Steve “Clack” Doyle featured a wide range of topics including news from the recent NMRA Convention, advances in decoder technology and how to foster the growth of model railroading among young boys and girls. Participants from as far afield as Australia, Brazil, South Africa and England – submitted questions on common problems of layout building, wiring, decoder troubleshooting and creating water effects.

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33 Responses to “Track Talk Live: August 2016”

  1. Angelo

    how do you cut Kato Unitrack

  2. Fred Freitas

    Here to learn for now.

  3. joe

    why is it every time you stream I get invite a day later

  4. Gregg

    Will there be videos on locomotives (weathering, detailing, repainting)

  5. Brent Groth

    I hope I'm welcome as I model Gauge one or G gauge. So far I'm a collector, but I intend to start building a layout soon. My question is about the compatibility of G gauge track made by different companies. Are they all interchangeable? Are there some that are more desirable? Is there some that I should definitely stay away from?

  6. Gerard

    Drat! submitted a question and browser or youtube died. Tried all the steps suggested and still get the same; an error occurred...

  7. Gerard

    Two part question... Why is it most videos, presentations, and layouts featured are of a size that would befitting a club, what about us with small layouts? And the second part; why is it that next to no manufacturers have out smaller vintage styled steam era locomotives, the prototype that may be third hand and relegated to contractor type applications? Gerry Dombroski, former designer of a few MDC kitbash kit parts.

  8. Robbie (age 11)

    Is there a difference between DCC ready, and DCC equipped?

  9. Maurice

    I own an HO scale Fox Valley Models Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Atlantic. It's a 4-4-2 wheel arrangement and when I run it, it oscillates from side to side. I'm sure this is due to having only two driving axles. I've been considering firming up the drawbar between the locomotive and tender, or modifying the front or rear truck on the locomotive to reduce the oscillation. Any thoughts?

  10. Russ

    I'm building and torn between electro frogs and insulated frogs. I'm ho scale and run primarily diesel locomotives