TRACK TALK LIVE: January 2017

Model Railroad Academy’s Clickety and Clack (Doug and Steve) fielded a wide variety of live questions from viewers on the latest edition of Track Talk Live. Among the topics discussed are DCC (use it!), flower foam for scenery (don’t!), creating smooth transitions for inclines (cookie cutter method), making basic turnouts DCC-ready (cut gaps), replacements for worn out plastic U-joints, and many others. They also shared projects they’ve been working on since last month.


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30 Responses to “TRACK TALK LIVE: January 2017”

  1. Dennis

    The lick and stick Campbell shingles have to be weathered. What is your recommended procedure to make them look aged, Slate grey and black, touch of age cedar shake?

  2. stan

    what the smallest track radius for O scale 2 rail locomotive steam train? Thanks

  3. Patrick

    There are good photos of the exterior of the Western Maryland Roundhouse at Hagerstown, MD. on pages 95, 96 and 97 and interior shots on pages 98 and 99 of the Images Of Rail Series- "The Western Maryland Railway, by Anthony Puzzilla, about $19 in bookstores.


    Just did a search of the Deadwood Central Railroad from South Dakota and there are some good ideas and information from that and there are other railroads also mentioned. They say it closed in 1930 and they sold off some engines and got one back . Neet article. real easy search. Mike

  5. Patrick Trainor

    Listening from Hong Kong where I live. Yes. Doug is correct. Sanborn did publish fire insurance least they did for Baltimore City and County, Maryland. Try googling "Fire Insurance Maps, or the word Atlas, followed by your city or county.

  6. Bill Doninger

    I am modeling a depression era Hudson River port in N scale. Any suggestions for kit bashing crane for my piers?

  7. dennis schenck

    how to pay for a n academy membership if i only have a debit credit card ?

  8. Mike

    Is it easy to convert to DCC from D.C.

  9. Rick

    Hi, I'm using Atlas code 83 track on a new shelf layout I'm building. My question is powering the frogs on the Atlas turnouts. Do they have to be powered or can I leave them as is ? I'm going to using medium size diesels in theory should pickup power before and after the frog on each truck.

  10. TERRY W

    follow up on Angel hair clouds..I have Lightning and sound that needs to feed though the Angel hair