Track Talk Live: June 2016

Thank you for joining us for our inaugural Model Railroad Academy Live Event! If you missed the show, you can watch the recap here. The show featured a lively exchange of tips, information and insight from special guest Allen Keller, the pioneer of model railroad video production. Managing Editor/Moderator Steve Doyle and Associate Editor Doug Hodgdon showcased their layouts as well as railroading motivations and passions. The team responded to a broad mix of model layout questions submitted live by viewers during the one-hour live stream.

Stay tuned for next month’s event! See you then!

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46 Responses to “Track Talk Live: June 2016”

  1. Brian

    When hand laying a turnout for DCC, what do I need to do differently than hand laying a DC turnout?

  2. Vic Swanner

    Really enjoyed this can't wait till the next one, I learned a lot and been in the hobby for forty plus years.

  3. CJ Beyer

    Wanting to build a multi level layout! How to make the different elevations work? Woodland Scenes has a kit but, I feel it would be way to expensive! Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  4. Than Oliver


  5. Jim

    Good job! Will you post for later viewings? (The Mrs. Was rather chatty tonight. ;) )

  6. Frank White

    I enjoyed the program. Keep up the good work.

  7. Frank White

    Would like to hear your ideas on operation

  8. Larry Edwards

    Need more advanced notice, would like too be able to see the next one live ! I'm in N scale, with DC .

  9. ric mccormick

    what do you thlnk about ho gauge trains? I am in my 50 and this going to be my first layout and really don't know where or how to start?

  10. Antonio Soares

    From Brasil