Want to build a helix, anchor a shelf layout or build an N or HO scale layout in a small area and don’t know where to start? Those were just some of the dozens of topics from viewers that were explored on June’s Track Talk Live with Steve and Doug. Have a question about any model railroading topic? Get it answered on Track Talk Live!

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17 Responses to “TRACK TALK LIVE: June 2017”

  1. Kevin Cox

    I am just getting back into Model Railroading. I have not been involved in the hobby since I was a teenager, and boy has it changed. I see that people mention three types of track, I do not have room for a layout at this time, but I want a test track to check on locomotives that I buy at shows or online, what type of track should I use and is there a terminal that does DC and DCC

  2. Stephen Roe

    Looking Forward, Great information, Steve

  3. Rick Garthe

    I am changing a layout from a "circle burner" and block control to an operations and DCC. I will be adding turnouts to the layout. What are the pros and cons to insulated and non-insulated turnouts? Thanks!</strong>

  4. Al Tufts


  5. Lou

    Great show tonight. I'm in the process of building an 8 x 21 foot o scale layout with 4 separate loops all controlled by mth dcs. There are several sidings, but the large scale leaves little room for operation. Any suggestions, way bills etc.</strong>

  6. Bob

    Is there any replacement for the old Permascene Modeling Compound. Used to be an easy-to-work scenery material that would hold trees with ease and could be built up around buildings, abutments etc as deep as needed without cracking.

  7. Michael

    Thank you gentlemen

  8. Jeffrey Cowen

    You mentioned young people wanting to do modern trains. Problem is, much of modern freight tends to be a lot longer in length than 1940's era 40 foot box cars. If you are limited in space so you can't have a big radius layout, there may not be easy solutions for running those long freight cars around a small radius. Any solutions other than going to a smaller scale like N scale?

  9. Cameron Davis

    First time visiting

  10. Duncan

    I am adding an N scale addition to my layout, what is the best brand of track to use?