TRACK TALK LIVE: November 2017

Check out the recap of our monthly Track Talk Live with model railroad expert and long-time train enthusiast Doug Hodgdon. Doug answers your model railroad questions live on the air in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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20 Responses to “TRACK TALK LIVE: November 2017”

  1. Doug c

    I was going to go out tonight

  2. Doanie

    were to buy a good train set the size you have in background on your show...Also what size is that.

  3. PETER

    hi my name is peter and iam 71years old and I have just started railways I wish to do ho scale my problem is I have no idea on where to start I do have lots of books and I do not wish to start with a training set

  4. Bob Verdonck

    Bring back the duo with Steve,or get a reader who knows about Model Railroading

  5. Martin

    Do you do anything with German---Austrian---Italian rail circa 1920 to 1945

  6. Wilbert

    Sorry for the criticism, I really think Doug needs to work on his speaking. IE his major pauses and the overuse of UAH.

  7. Lou

    I have an O scale layout and I’m using an MTH TIU and hand held DCS remote controller. There are 3 separate transformers running three loops that connect to each other via switch tracks. All wiring works great, usually, but now and then I get shorts when passing from loop to loop. This seems to happen only when I have too many engines on the tracks. Any thoughts on my issue will be appreciated?

  8. Bill Freeland

    At what distance should feeders be put in around the layout that connect the the bus wires?

  9. David

    How far apart should dropper wires on any scale 48 feet length

  10. BRIAN

    recently I dismantled my Ho scale, now in progress to rebuild , what would be the correct height for my baseboard, I am 5' 7 inheight th