Track Talk Live: November 2016

Track Talk Live’s Pre-Thanksgiving program didn’t serve up any turkeys, but there were plenty of pre-submitted and live questions for Clickety and Clack (aka Doug Hodgdon and Steve Doyle). As model railroading season chuffs into high gear, viewers needed answers about sub-roadbeds, laser-cut kits, bubbles in realistic water, materials for mountains, rail sizes, DCC systems, paint and decal stripping and many more. Again, viewers from Australia, Denmark, Barbados, England and Ireland added an international flavor to the monthly event, proving once again that model railroading is the World’s Best Hobby!


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5 Responses to “Track Talk Live: November 2016”

  1. Eric

    Is O and 027 the same except 0 is little bigger.

  2. Bruce Webb in utah

    on transition from roadbed to cork I use those shims for installing a door in a house they work great

  3. Jim Krawiec

    Love your show. Question, maybe you might have an answer. I am an HO modeler, I have in my large stock of signs, people, etc. I have in my stock of signs (used on many RR) white back ground with 4 to 5 diag. black stripes. What do they mean?

  4. DAllas

    from Australia .how do you maintain lighting in coaches while the train is not running , old fashion dc not dcc

  5. Jon

    No audio with a blank page.