Best Tips of Great Model Railroads DVD


Item: U0023R


DVD: Best Tips of Great Model Railroads

Take a ride with us and learn all the best and most helpful tips and tricks to create your own great model railroad! This video gives an overall look into how to make your railroads unique.

Join some of America’s top model railroad builders as they share their tips, tricks and insights. You’ll discover helpful advice for planning your structures, techniques for building them, and detailing tricks that will breathe life into your layout. 61 minutes.

DVD chapters include:

  • Introduction of Best Tips
  • Planning Structures
  • Duplicating Exact Structures
  • Planning Structures
  • Building Structures
  • Kit Bash
  • Building From Photos
  • Detailing Structures
  • Scratch Building
  • Bridge Building
  • Watch a preview of this DVD below: