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Don Cassler's M&K Division of the B&O Video Download


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Video Download: Don Cassler’s M&K Division of the B&O

Allen Keller’s Great Model Railroads Volume 5

Don Cassler’s M&K Division of the B&O railroad is well-known for its mountain countryside and smooth running locomotives. This HO layout is home base for a group of modelers who will show you the secrets of locomotive chain drive, scratchbuilt tools, and super-detailed freight cars.

This is a railfan’s railroad. Here is a place for watching long trains with helpers slug it out on mountainous grades, snake through interlockings on the line’s many junctions, and drift by some of the most beautiful HO scenery ever built.

The M&K is the result of 20 years of work by Don and an informal group of his friends. The level of track detail on the M&K has seldom been attempted in model form. The group has even modeled the rodding for an Armstrong interlocking tower. And because the line has so many junctions, the signal system actually works and is used during all operating sessions. 59 minutes.

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