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Urban Modeling 5-Download Set


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5-Download Set: Urban Modeling

Brick and concrete canyons. Varying architectural styles. Tall buildings. Stones facades. All of these can be a part of urban modeling. It’s a facet of the hobby that has received more attention in recent years due to the proliferation of excellent building kits. In these programs you will learn about building structures that you will need to convey that feeling of DOWNTOWN. Actually urban buildings give you more structures and more detail in less space because everything is designed vertically. 294 minutes.

George Sellios’ Franklin & South Manchester Part 1 – 59 minutes

The Franklin & South Manchester, one of the greatest model railroads ever built, is the creation of professional model builder George Sellios. Because of George’s talents you’ll see something new each time you watch this fabulous program. You’ll tour the layout behind a Mogul powered passenger and a Mountain powered freight, from one end of the 22 x 7 foot layout to the other. Although the F&SM is HO scale, George Sellios, the owner of Fine Scale Miniatures, has created a railroad that exists as surely as Chicago or New York did in the 1930s.

George Sellios’ Franklin & South Manchester Part 2 – 58 minutes

This is Part 2 of George Sellios’ fabulous Franklin & South Manchester, one of the most famous model railroads in the world! In part one we covered the large urban buildings in the city of Manchester. This show covers the new areas of Dovertown and Bedford Falls. Dovertown is similar to Manchester with massive buildings, but Bedford Falls is a small town with 2 or 3 story wooden buildings. George and friends offer clinics on detailing yards, weathering rolling stock, and modifying Finescale kits. George has created the F&SM as a fantasy world of model railroading with an exaggerated emphasis on detailing.

Chuck Hitchcock’s Argentine Division of the Santa Fe Railway – 59 minutes.

The elements of bustling industrial railroads combined with the urban American scenery of the 1950s were captured to create Chuck Hitchcock’s Argentine Division of Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway. In this series, Chuck will tell you all about urban modeling, passenger train operation and much more! Follow along and learn why the Argentine Division is a railfan’s dream.

George Sellios’ Franklin & South Manchester Part 3 – 59 minutes

Our first two visits (Great Model Railroads, Vol. 2 and 24) concentrated on the original city of Manchester and the newer cities of Dovertown and Bedford Falls. In this installment we devote the majority of the video to the new areas of Franklin, Belverton, Chesterville and Beaver Meadow. You’ll see enough of the earlier towns to give you a feel for them, but the new scenes are so different from the old that they cry out for your attention. George is now doing smaller wood buildings in contrast to the earlier large brick canyons of Manchester and Dovertown. He has even created a logging operation in the wilderness section of the new area, and the whole layout has been greened out with lots of trees!

Video Download: Allen Keller’s Bluff City Southern Part 2 – 59 minutes

Allen Keller’s “Bluff City Southern” operates throughout the Mid-South in 1950 This HO railroad provides interchanges in Memphis for the IC, the Frisco, the L&N, the Southern and the Missouri Pacific. Allen has captured the look and feel of the South by creating scenery with lots of trees, fields and undergrowth. He considers the BCS to be a time machine that recreates as realistically as possible a simpler time. Allen will show you some tings he’s learned after 40 years in the hobby, plus hot to make a cotton field, stage urban buildings and build a swamp.