Bob "Chooch" Rivard

Bob (Chooch) Rivard - Track Car Cam Montage

Bob "Chooch" Rivard
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Duration:   11  mins

Garden scale (or G scale) layouts are one of the fastest-growing segments of model railroading. In this camera car video, we take a ride on Bob Rivard’s G scale model railroad, which he has been working on for over ten years.

Bob Rivard’s backyard is about 35 x 40 feet. The model also runs into his front yard. In his basement, Bob has an HO scale layout of the Soo Line. He was attracted to the larger size of G scale, which is 1:29 as opposed to the 1:87 of HO scale.


This camera car video offers good views of the landscaping, gradients, and other features that Bob had to work with when incorporating this layout into his backyard. We also get a nice look at the impressive scratch-built trestle.

As an added bonus, our train waits while another train passes, so we can check out its engine and rolling stock.

For more information about Bob’s layouts, check the video of our LIVE EVENT: Doug Hodgdon and Steve Doyle take to the road to visit the G (Garden) scale layout of Bob Rivard.

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4 Responses to “Bob (Chooch) Rivard - Track Car Cam Montage”

  1. Dale Koel

    BOB IS THE MAN! I had the privilege of meeting him at his home via a fellow CP Rail co worker back in 1998. He took us on a tour of his AWESOME HO Scale SOO LINE Layout! Bob is a very kind and hospitable person. He is such a talented modeler! I had no idea he made this outdoor layout!! So cool!!! Great job Bob! Looks great! It must have been fun to build! :) Looks great!

  2. David LaGraffe

    Very cool! Chooch must be blissfully free of an HOA!

  3. Steven Schaeffer

    Very nice. Would like to know about the music (artists, albums). Same with part two.

  4. Ronald Black

    absolutely fascinating! Like how you worked the natural contour of your backyard into the layout. Keek having fun!

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