Bob "Chooch" Rivard

Bob (Chooch) Rivard - Track Car Cam Montage Part 2

Bob "Chooch" Rivard
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Duration:   14  mins

In this tour of Bob Rivard’s HO scale Soo Line, we visit three places of interest along the layout, including New Brighton and Cardigan Junction, Minnesota.

In the first part of the Bob Rivard Track Car Cam Montage, we were outside in Bob’s yard viewing his G scale layout. Now we go inside the house and down to Bob’s 40 x 60 basement to look at his HO scale Soo Line.


First we’re on the road at a railroad crossing and watch as the Soo Line goes by. Bob’s layout is of the Soo Line in 1977, and like the train cars, the vehicles that appear in the layout are ones that would have been on the road at that time.

Next we’re at New Brighton, Minnesota. The Soo Line waits at the crossing with the Minnesota Transfer Railway. Bob modeled the Soo Line’s New Brighton crossing with the Minnesota Transfer by extending the MT line onto a peninsula in the front of the layout. You can do this to any extent, carrying the peninsula a few feet or extending it to fill your space.

Then we jump to Cardigan Junction, Minnesota as the Soo rolls by. The camera has moved closer for a better look at the Soo’s rolling stock. The train we’ve been following stops as another Soo Line train passes going in the opposite direction.

Enjoy these scenes from the Soo! For more on Bob Rivard’s Soo Line layout, watch our video Take a Tour of Chooch Rivard’s Layout.

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