Creating an Easy Lattice Look

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Duration:   4:22   mins

One scenic element on the Indian Creek Valley Railroad that really catches the eye is the Deer Park Hotel located on top of a bluff. The majority of the structures on Harry Clark’s layout are based on real structures in Cass, West Virginia. The precise detail of the structures is remarkable. In part seven of the 9-part Indian Creek Valley Railroad series, Harry demonstrates how he creates the lattice look found on the Deer Park Hotel structure.

Creating an Easy Lattice Look

Harry Clark’s favorite aspect of model railroading is designing and building. He enjoys the engines and the track work, but his real passion is with the scenery and structures. Everything on the layout is scratch built, down to the latticework that trims the bottom edge some structures on the layout.

Harry has an interesting way of creating model lattice and shares his secrets in this video. He provides a list of materials he uses and a tutorial on the process it takes to produce them. If you enjoy this structure detail tutorial, you’ll also want to check out the following segments of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad series. Harry demonstrates how to create a roundhouse and how to create windows.

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