John Pryke

Creating a Sequence Timetable with John Prykeee

John Pryke
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Duration:   9  mins

John Pryke, owner of the New York, New Haven and Hartford, has two of his regular operators with him—Dave and Chris. In this video, they are going to go step by step through the first three moves of one of the New Haven’s sequence timetables. John is using a schematic of the layout, which is the same one would see on the control panels. Providence is on one side, trains come up through Reaville, then New London where two main lines are running on a common roadbed, through Boston to the south, New Haven to the north, and finally trains run down through the New York loop.

John and his operators use paper trains which they move around as they record each move. The paper represents the trains themselves, the pink represents passenger trains, the blue freight trains, and the yellow are engines. They include the engines because they do change from steam and diesel to electric engines at New Haven.

They begin with the first move, T-1. Cab A will move the MU’s from New Haven’s block 5 and 6 down to Mount Vernon, holding on block 47. Cab B will move the Providence Boston local from Providence to Readville, holding in block 35-A. They record these movements. Next is T-2 where the federal will come from New York’s block 51 via the Penn Station Line to hold in blocks 1 and 2 and here changing the engine from electric to steam or diesel.

Next the westbound peddler from Boston moves up the line to Readville and parks in block 35-B which completes T-2. To see the demonstration of the final move, watch the full video. For more Allen Keller Videos, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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