Mike Burgett

Insight Behind the Operations of the Clifton Forge Division

Mike Burgett
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Model railroad experts with exceptional layouts commonly serve as influencers for the hobby. For example, Mike Burgett has dedicated many hours, skill and hard work to the Chesapeake & Ohio layout and he graciously shares it with the model railroading community. Many modelers seek help and guidance from well-known experts to improve their skills. Experts themselves, like Mike, find inspiration and motivation from many different outlets and it can be interesting to learn more about their muse. With the help of Allen Keller, we gain some insight into Mike’s inspirations for the Chesapeake & Ohio layout and his reasons behind a few specific operational decisions.

The Clifton Forge Division

In part three of the 11-part Chesapeake & Ohio series, Allen Keller and Mike Burgett discuss the Clifton Forge Division on the layout. The Chesapeake & Ohio model railroad has a total of three subdivisions, which interchange at the Clifton Forge Yard. In this particular video, Allen asks Mike two questions pertaining to the layout. The first question dives into the operations of the three subdivisions for a better understanding of how they work. Mike describes why he found the multiple subdivisions to be appealing to him from an operational standpoint. The second question inquires about the heavy use of coal hoppers on the layout. Most of the traffic on the Chesapeake & Ohio layout consists of coal hoppers. Mike touches on his considerable use of coal hoppers and why he prefers to use them as opposed to manifest trains.

In this series, Allen and Mike continue to explore the Chesapeake & Ohio layout. The eleven segments of the series offer a comprehensive and detailed look at the railroad. Keep watching for even more insights into Mike’s inspirations, tips on design elements, and much more.

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