Bill Briggs

A Look Into Canyon Springs

Bill Briggs
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Duration:   4  mins

A strong narrative fuels the operations behind a model railroad display. The realism of a fabricated town is strengthened by naming the buildings and establishing creative stories for a layout. Bill Briggs did an excellent job of developing the narrative for his Musselshell & Yogo Peak model railroad.

Bringing Life to Canyon Springs

In this video, Doug Hodgdon continues to explore the M&YP model railroad layout and gives a tour of Canyon Springs. Canyon Springs is the heart of the M&YP and home to all four of the mainline railroads as well as the local Canyon Springs trolley line.

The Canyon Springs Depot is the first destination to be displayed on this tour. The exterior is masterfully detailed, and the interior has not been forgotten. As we take a peek inside the window, you will notice figurines and lighting. Next on display is a rather unique exhibit on a model railroad. A retired train sits for public showing near the depot. The train was once a pioneer on the railroad but its working days are over according to the narrative of the M&YP.

A rather charming feature of the M&YP is the incorporation of Bill’s friends and family names into the layout. For example, the Carisch Theater is named after Bill’s friends who actually own a theater. Additionally, the commercial row includes the Bobweiser Brewery named after another of Bill’s friends. They even have their own refrigerator cars that were custom detailed.

The Gallatin Inn is a staple of the town. It stands tall and eye-catching amongst the background. The real hotel was located on the Milwaukee Road branch line leading to Yellowstone Park. An orange limo sits in front of the hotel, an authentic addition to the layout. The same type of vehicle was used to transport guests from the hotel to the park.

Canyon Springs is filled with historical and anecdotal clues throughout the scenery. The narratives of the buildings and accessories assist in bringing the model railroad to life. With the help of this video, you can explore Canyon Springs to see what Bill has designed.

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