Operating Tuolumne Forks Railroad with Bob Brown

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Duration: 5:09

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Tuolumne Forks is a narrow gauge logging and mining railroad. Bob Brown is the editor and publisher of the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette. This layout combines mining and logging with a tourist line. The operation follows the Lake Tahoe Railway and Navigation Company’s transport of tourists from Workshop to the Lake Tahoe Resort. The railroad is famous among narrow gauge enthusiasts like Bob Brown.

Bob Brown’s main control system within the Tuolumne Forks Railroad was modified by his good friend Gordon North. Gordon added an internal combustion sound system to this operation system as well as a tethered walk-around. Bob also has a mini sound unit with Gordon’s modification. This way, it can be unplugged and moved around the layout. One thing Bob would do again would be to pre-plan his controls and look into infrared options instead.

All of Bob’s steam locomotives are commercial imports, but all of his railcars are internal combustion locomotives built over gas-powered HO mechanisms which are inexpensive and extremely reliable.

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