George Sellios

Operations on the Franklin & South Manchester, New England

George Sellios
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Duration:   12  mins

In the hustle and bustle of New England lies the tracks of the F&SM. They twist and turn through the small, dreary towns, greeting monstrous industrial buildings and steep, rocky mountains along the way. The F&SM locomotive travels through Manchester, Chesterville, and Belverton, providing some up-close-and-personal perspectives of the towns. Join along as we take a closer look at the operations of the Franklin & South Manchester, New England model railroad.

Operations on the Franklin & South Manchester

Two consolidations, #2360 and #2390, set the scene as they emerge into Manchester. On its journey, the F&SM locomotive passes the Calvary Paint Corporation and the J.M. Bumbrey company. Sights of brick warehouses, antique automobiles, and busy citizens line the nearby territory. Vivid advertising brings color to the dull framework of the buildings. Signs plastered on the walls announce, “I want you for U.S. Army.” The effect of The Great Depression is apparent. The railway is grungy and the construction is rundown. Manchester is home to Fidelity Storage and Goudy and Kent’s Biscuits—two of many crowded buildings in this overloaded town.

The Extra 2360 has a Boston and Albany box car to drop at the Manchester team track. On its way, it passes the newly renovated harbor and the South Manchester Station. The clear blue waters of the Northfield River come into sight. #2360 has a setout for Dovertown. The Boston and Maine box has been dropped and the doubleheader is prepared to leave. A total of six tank cars are set out at the yard. The Extra will pick up a gondola, hopper, and reefer. The Shay #2 from the Beaver Meadow Lumber Company is hurrying to clear the area for Extra 2360, where it will eventually make its way through Chesterville and Belverton and then disappear under the Franklin Station.

The F&SM locomotive perseveres as it makes its long journey through the New England layout. It travels through tunnels, bridges, and hills. It passes highly detailed scenes and backgrounds. The layout is bursting with talent, creativity, and imagination. There is much to see and even more to learn about the operations of such an intricate track.

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