David Trussell

Operations on the Greeley Freight Station Museum Part 2

David Trussell
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Duration:   13  mins

The second part of operations on the Greeley Freight Station Museum begins with regional freight powered by four F units, heading out over the slew. The lead unit is Great Northern number 270-A that will head through Deep Creek and over Deep Creek Bridge 12 and 11. At the west side of Lakeview there are three set outs and five pickups. These two flats and the bulkhead flat will get set out here at Lakeview. Three bulkhead lumber flats and two cement hoppers get added to the train.

Near the trestle and Dog Lake, the Southern Pacific Ore train waits to take the main. Ore cars come out of the Lucky Lass mine as SP Extra 7201 still waits. The Great Northern heads over the Chewaucan River and then into Sycan Junction. Regional freight enters tunnel 13 and an A&O boxcar and Central of Georgia flat are picked up.

An OC&E mixed rate runs the lower line, while the F units pass the small Gierhart Flagstop station and the Great Northern passes over the Rocky Point Trestle and into the Weyerhaeuser load out #2. At load out #1, Weyerhaeuser turn powered by four U-25s, known as Prague’s moves in. This wooden snow shed is a favorite of rail fans, even though it’s extremely hard to reach. Finally the regional freight reaches Summit. In back is the Western Pacific California Special.

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