David Trussell

Operations on the Greeley Freight Station Museum Part 1

David Trussell
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Duration:   10  mins

Operations on the Oregon, California and Eastern of David Trussell begin at Quartz Mountain Summit where the train they call the Texas Special is heading downgrade. On the point are two GP-35s, followed by two GP-38-2s. At Bly Mountain Loop the grade is 2.2%. F-7s stand ready to work out of the lower helper bucket. Number 7428 continues down the loop after dropping in elevation.

Notice the unusual three-light signal on the approach to East Klamath Falls. It’s the only one on the road. The logs in the foreground are for the warehouse or lumberyard. Finally the Texas Special passes the warehouse or finished products building. At Sixth Street, a Rio Grande freight passes in back through Klamath Falls Yard. Two NW-2s wait to switch out the Texas Special.

The switcher picks up two flats, a box, a bulkhead flat, a gon and an open low. The lumber loads are set up on the interchange track. With its work completed number 7428 passes the Klamath Falls engine facility. In the front is the Coos Bay turn. It’s loaded with ore cars for the branch line. To the right the Texas special heads to Chiloquin staging while the turn heads to Coos Bay.

Here the turn is entering the docks at Coos Bay. Loads are dropped in the yard and the empties go back to Klamath Falls. The switch engines with idler cars head for the Edmund Fitzgerald boat, they’re surrounded by the United Phillips tank farm. The empties are pulled off, and the loads are shoved towards the boat.

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