Operations on the Indian Creek Valley Railroad

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Duration:   10:54   mins

The Indian Creek Valley Railroad takes us back in time to western Pennsylvania right after the Second World War. The area is thriving in spite of the poverty of many people. Coal and timber production are at a peak. The railroad is kept plenty busy with passenger and freight trains and the town is bustling with life. The line was built for heavy traffic and it’s certainly pushed to its limit.

Operations on the Indian Creek Valley Railroad

In part three of the 9-part Indian Creek Valley Railroad series, Allen Keller elaborates on the operations of the layout. He reveals the narrative of the tracks, the town, and the people of the mountain community. Freight traffic fills most of the space, but there’s plenty more to the story of Indian Creek Valley than meets the eye.

Next up in the series is a discussion between Allen Keller and Harry Clark regarding the inspiration & techniques behind the layout. There‚Äôs much more to learn and see of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad so don’t miss out.

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