Ken McCorry

Operations on Ken McCorry’s Conrail

Ken McCorry
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Duration:   10  mins

The Allen Keller narration of operation on the Conrail railroad of Ken McCorry begins with an SD-40 Number 6061 coming out with a load of gas pipes, moving over Lime Lake Run, and then around Hinsdale Curve. At Hinsdale, the SD rolls under State Route 129 before heading into Olean and then over Oswayo Creek. Later in the day, 60-61 reaches the massive Allen Steel Works. The rust colored structure is the oxygen furnace. BUENG is now working the 3% grade up to Keating Summit. While the grade down is only 1% for a short time, it will soon become 3% again.

A conrail railroad Jeep 38 on the Farmers Valley Ranch is heading back towards Renovo. It stops at the junction while train BUENG picks up speed. The Needham coal processing plant at Frenchville is getting rid of a string of empties. Renovo is home to a small yard where there is switching that must be done and four mechanical reefers get set out. The units have picked up a cut of empty auto parts cars and beer reefers and move on towards Hyner State Park. At NorthUmberland Yard, a switch move is in progress. For more Allen Keller videos, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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