Tom Harris

Operations on Tom Harris's Lakeside Lines

Tom Harris
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Duration:   11  mins

Cumberland local train 114 comes out of Bluff Tunnel over High Bridge. Two Alko RSD-15s are on the point and pass over Bridge 203.5. These tour guides are loaded with ties from the Cumberland creosote plant. We catch a glimpse of a detoured Clinchfield train with five F units and a jeep 38. Unit 3027 heads the local into West Yard over the Potomac River. The West End crew has already worked classifying cars. The local goes by the engine facility in the back. The road units break the joint and head to the engine facility. Switchers 3292 pulls the locals crummy and takes him to the caboose track.

Next, switchers pull train 114’s consist to West Yard for classification. The cut is dragged into West Yard. The crew has begun the job of classifying all these cars. Tie gondolas get moved to the Harrisonburg track. After the cars are classified, the East Yard switcher with two Lakeside units, and at least an NW Fairbanks Maurice unit, pull the consist to the East Yard. The two tie gondolas go along with the cut.

After the switchers uncouple, they start blocking these cars in delivery order on the departure track. These two southern hoppers will go on the head of the Harrisonburg local. Now the blocking is finished and a caboose is added to the eastbound Harrisonburg local. Road unit CF-7 Number 2279 and a Jeep nine, couple on to the newly blocked train. In back on the main is the Seneca Virginia local.

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