Howard Zane

Operations on the Piermont Division

Howard Zane
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Duration:   9  mins

Operations on the Piermont Division model railroad of Howard Zane begin at Ticknor Yard, as ABA set of F7s leaves town with the Bond Engine terminal off to the left. The leased C&O units come out of One Mile Tunnel and pass the Cola Marshalling Yard. Then it’s on to Gilbert’s Gulch and then Morgan. A C&O hopper gets shoved into the Morgan Engine Terminal and the F units pass above the town of Buckley and over Mazies Falls. At Bernard, the F units will pick up two reefers at Carl Yard.

After picking up a PFE reefer and a Wilson Meat reefer, the local runs along the north bank. A New York Central passenger train leads the F out of Wellsborough Tunnel and then over the Hess River. There’s work to do above the Belfort Gap Yard. Eight cars will be dropped here. Way in the back is Lost Mine, the only remaining town from the original railroad. This track leads back to Old Bridge above Ticknor Yard.

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