Operations at the Western Pennsylvania Model Railroad Museum

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Operations on the Western Pennsylvania Model Railroad Museum begin with two Western Maryland Consolidations leading Train 43 into Cumberland on the Mon Valley Line. the 280s head through the narrows at Wills Creek with the B&O Viaduct in the foreground. The Narrows were once the passage west through the mountains. Ekhardt Junction is next.

At Helmstedter Curve, the steamers will cross over Cash Valley Road with HayStack Mountain in the distance. Then it’s onto Helmstedter’s Farm. At the other side of Brush Mountain there’s Allegheny Station. The consolidations head into Wharton Tunnel and train 43 rolls under the Allegheny Mine Tipple and into Big Savage Mountain and then into Deal, Pennsylvania. The Salisbury Viaduct Divides the 280s over the Casselman River with the B&O Line below.

At Rockwood the steamers have work to do, as the conductor says to set out two boxcars – a Pittsburgh and West Virginia and a Rock Island on the siding. Fort Hill is the site of a former Indian village. The B&O Main is down below. Next it’s into Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh’s Wabash Bridge is the end of the run for train 43, the tan building is the PNLE Depot. For more tips and tools for your layout or more information on planning the Cumberland Valley System, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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