Sound System on Tuolumne Forks

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Duration:   1  mins

Tuolumne Forks is a O&3 freelanced narrow gauge logging and mining railroad. Bob Brown is the editor and publisher of the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette.This layout combines mining and logging with a tourist line. The operation follows the Lake Tahoe Railway and Navigation Company’s transport of tourists from Workshop to the Lake Tahoe Resort. The railroad is famous among narrow gauge enthusiasts like Bob Brown.

Sound systems are what bring life to the railroad model. But, putting sound in a locomotive is a fairly complicated process. With a PFM sound, you have to take the locomotive apart, pull the drivers, put a cam on the drivers, and it isn’t the easiest job. Luckily, there are new sound systems that are more user friendly and you do not have to go through this process.

If you have a sound system in place, be mindful, because that sound system can pick up every piece of dirt on your track causing static. Even Though sound systems can be a pain in the neck, Bob Brown will not go without them in his Tuolumne Forks Model Railroad.

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